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Anting Guo

Anting Guo

Anting Guo , Male, Master, 1991 years. Institute of Remote Sensing and digital Earth, Chinese Academy of Sciences, level 2018 cartography and geographic Information system, PhD students, mainly engaged in crop pest monitoring and prediction research.

Educational experience

2018/07– to date, Institute of remote Sensing and digital Earth, Chinese Academy of Sciences, cartography and geographic Information system, PhD graduate, mentor: Huangwenjiang researcher;

2015/09–2017/06, Henan Agricultural University, School of Information and Management science, major in agricultural informatization, master, Tutor: Professor Ma Ming;

2011/09–2015/06, Binzhou College, Department of Architectural Engineering, major in geographic information systems, undergraduate.

Educational experience

1. Integration and application of information service in the main link of grain production-sub-topic 'Integration and demonstration of the formula fertilization platform for county crop soil measurement'.

2. An wheat high yield and efficient technology integration and demonstration.

3. Study on spatial variation and grade evaluation of soil nutrient in cultivated land in yangling demonstration area at plot scale.

4. Research and development of agricultural and eco-product analysis systems based on remote sensing fusion.

Scientific research

1 Guo Anting, Ma Ming, etc. study on spatial variation of soil nutrients based on GIS and ground statistics J. China Agricultural Bulletin, 2018,34 (23): 72-79.

2 Tri Jinxia, Guo Anting, etc. 1990-2015 years the spatial and temporal change of lakes in Qinghai Province and its response to climate change J. Resources and environment of the Yangtze River Basin, 2018,27 (03): 658-670.

Academic Rewards

October 2015 won the 'Postgraduate National Scholarship Second Class'

October 2016 awarded 'Postgraduate National Scholarship'

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