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Naichen Xing

Naichen Xing

Ne Shi, female, doctor in Reading, 1994 years. Institute of Remote Sensing and digital Earth, Chinese Academy of Sciences, class 2016 cartography and geographic information system. Doctoral students are reading, mainly engaged in vegetation physical and chemical parameters inversion and method research.

Educational experience

2016/09--to date, Institute of remote Sensing and digital Earth, Chinese Academy of Sciences, cartography and geographic Information system, PhD graduate, mentor: Huangwenjiang researcher;

2012/09-2016/06, Huazhong Agricultural University, School of Resources and Environment, geographic information system, undergraduate.

Academic Rewards

1 April 2015 First prize of the American Games digital model

Third prize of National College English contest in April 2015 2

3 National Scholarships for the 2013-2014 school year

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