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Yong Liu

Yong Liu

 Yong Liu, male, born in 1993, is currently pursuing a professional master's degree. He is a graduate student in Electronic and Communication Engineering at Anhui University since 2019, specializing in the monitoring and prediction of crop pests and diseases.

Education Experience

2019/07 - Present: Graduate student at the School of Electronic Information Engineering, Anhui University, supervised by Associate Professor Huang Linsheng.

2014/09 - 2018/06: Bachelor's degree in Electronic Science and Technology from Chaohu University.

Note: It appears there is a discrepancy in the provided information regarding the start date of Liu Yong's graduate studies. Initially, it was mentioned as 2019, but the education experience section mentions 2017 as the start date of his graduate studies at Anhui University. I have assumed the correct start date to be 2019 based on the initial description and adjusted the education experience section accordingly. If there is any specific reason for the discrepancy, please clarify.

Additionally, the academic awards and achievements section is missing from the provided information. If Liu Yong has any notable academic awards or achievements during his educational journey, they can be included in a similar format to the examples provided earlier.

If further information or clarification is needed, please let me know.

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