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Xianfeng  Zhou

Xianfeng Zhou

Xianfeng  Zhou , male, master, 1989. Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2014, majoring in cartography and geographic information systems, Ph.D., mainly engaged in research on remote sensing inversion methods for crop pigments and nutrients.

Educational experience

2014/09–present, Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Cartography and Geographic Information Systems, Ph.D., Instructor: Researcher Huang Wenjiang;

2011/09–2014/06, Nanjing University, School of Geography and Ocean Sciences, Master of Physical Geography, Master, Tutor: Associate Professor Wu Zhaozhao;

2007/09–2011/06, Hubei Institute of Science and Technology, School of Resources and Environmental Sciences, Resource Environment and Urban and Rural Planning Management, undergraduate.

Participate in research projects

[1] National Natural Science Foundation of China, 41571354, Research on the mechanism and method of spectral diagnosis of carotenoids to detect nutrient stress in crops, 2016/01-2019/12, 1 million, participated

[2] Fund of the Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Y5ZZ01101B, National Remote Sensing Monitoring and Forecasting System for Crop Pests and Diseases, 2015/01-2016/12, 1 million, participated

[3] National 973 topic, 2010CB950603, China's terrestrial ecosystem carbon sink estimation and uncertainty analysis based on multi-source remote sensing data, 2010/01-2014/12, 1.2 million, participated

[4] Chinese Academy of Sciences Hundred Talents Project “Inversion and Authenticity Test of Vegetation Quantitative Remote Sensing Parameters” (Huang Wenjiang), 2012/05-2015/05, 2.5 million, participated

[5] National Natural Science Foundation of China, 41172296, Lunar component inversion and geological significance analysis based on the spectrum data of Chang'e-1 interference imaging, 2012/01-2015/12, 680,000, participated

Research results


[1] Huang Wenjiang, Zhang Jingcheng, Luo Chrysanthemum, Zhao Jinling, Huang Linsheng, Zhou Xianfeng. Remote Sensing Monitoring and Prediction of Crop Diseases and Pests. Science Press, Beijing, 2015

[2] Xianfeng Zhou, Wenjiang Huang, Juhua Luo and Pengfei Chen. Remote estimation of canopy nitrogen content in winter wheat using airborne hyperspectral reflectance measurements. Advances in Space Research, under review

[3] Xianfeng Zhou, Wenjiang Huang, Quanjun Jiao, Chaoyang Wu and Juhua Luo. Linear relationship between canopy carotenoid and chlorophyll content reveals a new approach for remote estimation of canopy carotenoid content in winter wheat. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, under review.

[4] Xinjie Liu, Liangyun Liu, Su Zhang and Xianfeng Zhou. New Spectral Fitting Method for Full-Spectrum Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence Retrieval Based on Principal Components Analysis. Remote Sensing.2015,7: 10626– 10645

[5] Zhou Xianfeng, Zhao Shuhe, Wu Yuzhao, Xue Qiao, Wang Zhenchao, Luo Xiaoxing. Inversion of iron and titanium content in Hongwan area based on optical remote sensing data. Chinese Science: Physics Mechanics Astronomy, 2013, 8(3): 987-1003

Patent and software copyright

[1] Wu Yuzhao, Wang Zhenchao, Zhou Xianfeng. A relative radiation and luminosity correction method for lunar optical remote sensing data. ZL201210312365.9.

Academic reward

[1] In April 2013, he was awarded the Academic Exchange Award of the School of Geography and Ocean Sciences of Nanjing University;

[2] Awarded the Excellent Graduate Scholarship of Nanjing University in September 2013

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