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Bin Wu

Bin Wu

Bin Wu , male, Master, born in 1990. Shandong Agricultural University, class 2013 photogrammetry and remote sensing major, Master's degree. From 2014 to 2016, the Institute of Tele-Science and digital Earth of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, a visiting graduate student, was mainly engaged in soil moisture monitoring research. From 2017 to present, the Institute of Tele-Science and Digital Earth, Chinese Academy of Sciences, is a PhD doctor.

Educational experience

2013/09-2016/06, Shandong Agricultural University, Photogrammetry and remote sensing major, Master's degree, Tutor: Professor Li Sizan;

2009/09-2013 year/06, Shandong Agricultural University, major in remote sensing science and technology, undergraduate.

Participate in scientific research projects

1 countries 863 Rural regional topics, rural and agricultural informatization, 2013-2014;

2 Xinjiang Corps Science and Technology Branch project, typical crop disaster in arid area and remote sensing monitoring of farmland information key technology integration and application, 2014-2016;

3 Research Special-Early warning and prevention and control technology of farmland pest monitoring in Sidi Prefecture, Xinjiang, 2014-2016.

Research results

1 Li Sizan, Zhao Geng, Chen Hongyan, Wu Bin, fields, Zhang Yonghao. High spectral estimation of soil organic matter content interval value J. Journal of Surveying and Mapping science and technology, 2014,06:593-597+602.

2 Wu Bin, Zhang Qing, Li Xizan, fields, Zheng Yubin. VIIRS-TVDI method Inversion of farmland soil moisture in arid area J. Arid area geography, 2016,04:861-867.

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