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Yue Shi

Yue Shi

Yue Shi, Male, Master, born in 1990. Henan Agricultural University, 2013 grade agricultural informatization major, Master's degree. From 2015 to date, the Institute of Remote Sensing and digital Earth of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, a visiting graduate student, is mainly engaged in crop disease monitoring research.

Educational experience

2013/09–2015/06, Henan Agricultural University, agricultural informatization major, Master's degree, Tutor: Associate Professor Chohompo;

2008/09–2012/06, Henan Agricultural University, majoring in information and computing science, undergraduate

Participate in scientific research projects

1 Sino-British Newton Fund, East Asian Locust remote sensing monitoring and early warning research, 2015/03– to date, participated.

2 National Natural Science Foundation of the country, 31301604, study on the mechanism of hyperspectral remote sensing monitoring of total wheat etching disease, 2013/09-2015/6, participated.

Research results

Main dissertation

1 Chohompo, teacher Yue, Si Haiping. Monitoring of total disease grade of wheat based on near-ground imaging spectroscopy. Journal of Agricultural Engineering, 2014, 30 (20): 172-178.

2 Chohompo, teacher Yue, Guo Wei. Study on the monitoring of total erosion of wheat by near-ground imaging spectroscopy. Journal of Plant Protection, 2015,24 (3): 475-477.

Academic Rewards

1 2009, the first prize of Henan province for the Mathematical modeling contest for college students in the Higher Education Society Cup.

2 2014, Huawei Cup postgraduate Mathematical modeling contest, national Third prize.

3 2015, Henan Agricultural University, graduate student first class scholarship.

4 2015, Henan Agricultural University, graduate student outstanding graduates.

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