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Linyi Liu

Linyi Liu

Linyi Liu , Male, Bachelor, 1993 years. Institute of Remote Sensing and digital Earth, Chinese Academy of Sciences, level 2015 cartography and Geographic Information system, PhD students, mainly engaged in crop pest monitoring and prediction research.

Educational experience

2015/09– to date, Institute of remote Sensing and digital Earth, Chinese Academy of Sciences, cartography and geographic Information system, PhD graduate, mentor: Huangwenjiang researcher;

2011/09–2015/06, Capital Normal University, Institute of Resource Environment and tourism, majoring in Geographic information systems, undergraduate.

Academic Rewards

1 National Scholarship awarded 2013

2 First Class scholarship in 2012

3 Second Prize of National college student GIS application Skills Competition

4 won the third prize of the seventh session of the Capital Normal University 'Challenge Cup' students ' extracurricular academic science and technology works competition

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