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Bo Wu

Bo Wu

Bo Wu , Male, Bachelor, 1993 years. Henan University of Technology, 2017 grade surveying and mapping engineering major, Master's degree. Since 2018, the Institute of Remote Sensing and digital Earth of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, a visiting graduate student, is mainly engaged in agricultural remote sensing applications.

Educational experience

2018/09–, Institute of Remote Sensing and digital Earth, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Major in surveying and mapping engineering, visiting graduate student, mentor: Huangwenjiang researcher;

2017/09-2018/09, Henan University of Technology, School of Surveying and territorial information engineering, Master's degree, Tutor: Associate Professor Yangna

2012/09-2016/06, Chizhou College, Institute of Resource and Environment, major in surveying and mapping engineering, undergraduate

Academic Rewards

2017 School Second Class scholarship

2018 School Second Class scholarship

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