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Number Project Type Time Funds
1 Quantitative Remote Sensing Inversion Model of Vegetation and Scale Effect Equivalent Program of "Hundred Talents Program" of the Chinese Academy of Science 2012.05-2015.05 ¥1,000,000万元
1 Inversion and Authenticity Test of Vegetation Quantitative Remote Sensing Parameters "Hundred Talents Program" of the Chinese Academy of Science 2012.05-2015.05 ¥1,500,000万元
1 Analysis on Image Processing and Scale Transformation By Multi-source Remote Sensing (Y2C048101B) National Nature Science Foundation of China 2012.11-2014.06 ¥250,000万元
2 Estimating leaf water content at the leaf scale in soybean inoculated with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi from in situ spectral measurements SCI 万元
2 A kind of remote sensing inversion accuracy detection method and device (ZL 201210343165.X) G01C11/00 2012.09.14 万元
3 A Transformed Triangular Vegetation Index for Estimating Winter Wheat Leaf Area Index SCI 万元
3 Method and device for measuring vegetation spatial distribution state (ZL201210339810.0) G01C11/00 2012.09.13 万元
4 Observation device and method (ZL201110178750.4) 2011.06.29 万元
4 Quantitative identification of crop disease and nitrogen-water stress in winter wheat using continuous wavelet analysis SCI SCI 万元
5 Leaf area index and chlorophyll content inversion method based on remote sensing image optimization PROSAIL model parameters 201210367345.1 2008.01.11 万元
5 New Spectral Index for Detecting Wheat Yellow Rust Using Sentinel-2 Multispectral Imagery SCI SCI 万元
6 A kind of EO-1 hyperion laser radar target sample test unit (ZL201520719495.3) 489253 2004.09.09 万元
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