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Number Project Type Time Funds
8 Partial Least Square Discriminant Analysis Based on Normalized Two-Stage Vegetation Indices for Mapping Damage from Rice Diseases Using PlanetScope Datasets SCI SCI 万元
9 The influence of landscape's dynamics on the Oriental Migratory Locust habitat change based on the time-series satellite data SCI SCI 万元
10 Integrating Early Growth Information to Monitor Winter Wheat Powdery Mildew Using Multi-Temporal Landsat-8 Imagery SCI SCI 万元
11 Remote sensing monitoring of wheat powdery mildew based on AdaBoost model and mRMR algorithm SCI SCI 万元
12 Assessment of leaf carotenoids content with a new carotenoid index SCI SCI 万元
13 Effects of different sampling densities on geographically weighted regression kriging for predicting soil organic carbon SCI SCI 万元
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