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Field research on coastal resources and environment in major projects in Hainan

Time: 2018-02-01
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From January 10th to 20th, 2018, Hainan Province's major science and technology project 'Hainan Province Remote Sensing Big Data Service Platform Construction and Application Demonstration' topic 2 'Hainan Province Resource and Environment Remote Sensing Dynamic Monitoring Application Demonstration' Coastal Zone Research Group conducted field experiment . Conducted by Zhang Li, a researcher at the Institute of Remote Sensing Earth, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Liao Jingjuan and Associate Researcher Zhu Wei, the research team conducted a survey of coastal zone changes and related surface cover factors, mangrove growth and environmental factors identification and investigation, and coral reef habitat survey and spectral measurement. .

In the coastal zone change and related surface cover factor surveys, the research team conducted field verification work on uncertain land use types and shoreline conditions in high-resolution satellite imagery research areas. The survey found that the coastline types in Hainan Province mainly include mangrove shoreline, sandy shoreline, artificial shoreline and bedrock coastline. The research team surveyed 82 wild spots, visited local residents, and carried out field verification on 14 types of uncertain land types including coastline, aquaculture ponds, paddy fields, wasteland, mangroves, and salt fields, providing a field for later land use classification. The basis for experience and accuracy verification.


Figure 1 Typical class verification results (high-resolution image on top, photo on the ground) 

The mangrove growth status and environmental factors identification and investigation are aimed at understanding the growth of mangroves. The research team conducted an investigation and investigation of various mangrove reserve areas in Hainan Province, and with Dongzhaigang National Nature Reserve and Qingjian Mangrove Province. The staff of the nature reserve conducted in-depth exchanges and learning, and learned about the basic conditions of the reserve, the status quo of conservation, the key mangrove wetland protection projects and the existing problems in the reserve, etc., and the health status of the mangrove wetland ecosystem in the later period. The evaluation provided valuable information.


Figure 2 Mangrove wetland survey and protected area exchange

  In the survey of coral habitat conditions and spectral measurements, the research team conducted field research on coral reefs in the coastal areas of Hainan Province, and conducted in-depth investigations on the management, protection, monitoring and restoration of coral reefs in the Sanya Coral Reef Nature Reserve. Xiqiao Island, Luhuitou Peninsula and the East China Sea have collected spectral information for coral reefs, rocks and aquatic plants, and provided important data for the development of coastal resources and environmental field research information for major projects in Hainan.


Figure 3 Coral reef spectrum measurement and coral sample

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