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China's Remote Sensing Application Smart Industry Innovation Alliance was established

Time: 2018-03-20
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On March 16, 2018, the inauguration ceremony of the China Remote Sensing Application Smart Industry Innovation Alliance and the first council were held at the Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (hereinafter referred to as the “Remote Sensing Earth Institute”). Liu Jiyuan, former Minister of the Ministry of Aerospace Industry, Zhang Rui, former deputy commander of the Rocket Army, and Tian Yulong, chief engineer of the National Defense Science and Technology Industry Bureau, attended more than 60 leaders, experts and business representatives in the field of remote sensing.

The ceremony was hosted by Zhang Changjiang, secretary general of the Alliance. The President of the Alliance and the Deputy Director of the Remote Sensing Earth Institute (presiding) Gu Xing made a welcome speech. He pointed out that under the new situation of the victory of the two sessions, the establishment of the alliance conforms to the great situation of national reform. After the establishment of the alliance, it is necessary to focus on serving local development, actively explore the needs of remote sensing applications in relevant regions, and combine regional development strategies and industrial development in various regions. Planning to strive for better development opportunities for alliance members.

Xu Wen, Secretary-General of China Remote Sensing Application Association, read the 'Circular on the Acceptance of Alliances by China Remote Sensing Application Association'. Liu Jiyuan, the founder of the Alliance, the academician of the International Academy of Astronautics, and the former deputy minister of the Ministry of Aerospace Industry, said that how to use remote sensing technology to promote national economic development is a topic worthy of our in-depth study. It also proposes four hopes: the members of the alliance should complement each other and integrate Power, forming a consortium covering the entire industry chain; the alliance should be a combination of military, civilian, and business integration; the alliance should be a combination of high starting point and high intelligence, focusing on the requirements of predicting service capabilities and serving the people. The alliance should form a multi-ownership consortium and jointly plan to accelerate the emerging industry chain. Tian Yulong said that he hopes that the alliance can firmly grasp the new opportunities in China's satellite application industry and help the national remote sensing industry to move forward better and faster.

Subsequently, Beijing Aerospace Hongtu Information Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Aerospace Titan Technology Co., Ltd., Deqing Zhongke Satellite Application Technology Co., Ltd., 21st Century Space Technology Application Co., Ltd., China Great Wall Industry Group Co., Ltd., China 4D Surveying and Mapping Technology Co., Ltd. and Zhongke Remote Sensing Technology Group Co., Ltd., as the sponsors of the alliance, held the signing ceremony and unveiling ceremony of the alliance charter and the hiring ceremony of the Alliance Council, the Expert Advisory Committee and the Secretariat staff.

Also attending the ceremony were the first batch of representatives from the organizations and enterprises from the fields of information technology, aerospace, agriculture, water conservancy and environmental protection.


Unveiling ceremony


Union charter ceremony

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