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Cui Bei

Cui Bei

Cui Bei, female, born in 1985, Master. Cui serves as Research Assistant in Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth of CAS. Cui is mainly engaged in the research of the application of vegetation remote sensing. She proposed a classification method of remote sensing for vegetation and a remote monitoring method for vegetation growth. She has built a remote sensing inversion model for physicochemical parameters of vegetation. She has published and participated in the publication of 6 academic articles. 


2010.09-2013.06, Master of crop information technology, College of Agriculture, Shanxi Agricultural University. Supervisor: Prof. Yang Wude.  

2005.09-2009.06, Bachelor of agriculture, College of Agriculture and Forestry Science and Technology, Hebei North University. Supervisor: Prof. Gong Xuechen 

Research Experience

2013.09-Present, Research Assistant in the Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth of CAS

Research Area: application of precision agriculture

Professional Title & Position: Assistant Research Scientist

Research Project

2015.01-2017.03, Principal investigator. Project supported by Youth Foundation of Institute of Remote Sensing and Digital Earth, CAS: Study of Remote Sensing Yield Estimation of Rubber Forest Based on Net Primary Productivity (No. ZZCEODE2015HT015). Research grant: RMB¥100,000.   

Academic Papers

[1] Bei Cui, Wude Yang, Meichen Feng, Wenjiang Huang, Xiaoyu Song. Study on the Spatial-Temporal Variability of Soil Nutrients During Winter Wheat Growth Season. CCTA2012, PartII, IFIP AICT 393:238-247, 2013.

[2] Bei Cui, Xiaoyu Song, Wude Yang, Meichen Feng,Jihua Wang.SPATIAL VARIABILITY OF WINTER WHEAT GROWTH BASED ON THE INDIVIDUAL INDEX AND THE POPULATION INDEX. Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, IEEE, IGARSS '14, 13-18 July 2014.

[3] Cui Bei, Huang Wenjiang, Yang Wude, Song Xiaoyu, et al. 2013. Monitoring Influence of Different Fertilization Decision Treatments on Winter Wheat Growth Using Hyperspectral Spectrum and Comparative Analysis [J]. Journal of Plant Nutrition and Fertilizers, 19(1):11-19.

[4] Cui Bei, Wang Jihua, Yang Wude, Huang Wenjiang, Guo Jianhua, Song Xiaoyu, Feng Meichen. 2013. Analysis of Temporal and Spatial Variation of Soil Nutrients in the Winter Wheat-Summer Maize Rotation Field [J]. Scientia Agricultura Sinica, 46(12):2471-2482.

[5] Cui Bei. 2013. The Study of Temporal and Spatial Variation of Soil Nutrient and Winter Wheat Growth information on Field Scale [D]. Shanxi Agricultural University.

[6] Song Sennan, Song Xiaoyu, Chen Liping, Yang Guijun, Cui Bei, Jin Xiuliang, Tan Changwei, Guo Wenshan. 2013. Spatial Structure and Relationships of Nitrogen Balance Index and Protein Content of Grain in Winter Wheat [J]. Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering, 29(15):91-97.

[7] Xiaoyu Song, Bei Cui, Dongyan Zhang, Haikuan Feng. Comparison analysis for winter wheat growth with multi-temporal remote sensing imagery. 35th International Symposium on Remote Sensing of Environment (ISRSE 35), 2013, 22-26, Beijng, China.

[8] Yansheng Dong, Hongping Chen, Xiaohe Gu, Jihua Wang, Bei Cui. Assessing and mapping crop vulnerability due to sudden cooling using time series satellite data. Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium, IEEE, IGARSS '12, 22-27 July 2012,2990-2993.

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