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Qing Zhang

Qing Zhang

Qing Zhang, female, PhD, assistant researcher, remote sensing and digital Earth Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Mainly engaged in remote sensing, geographic information systems, land use and land cover, as well as crop remote sensing, Xinjiang ecological resources development and tourism planning and other aspects of research. Has presided over and participated in the national, provincial and ministerial projects and local commissioned topics more than 10, presided over the national Science and Technology Support plan 'Regional spatial information integrated application of key technologies in the Xinjiang Corps Demonstration' project 'Ecological Environment Spatial Information Service System Research and development' topic, as the leader of the thematic group, chaired the National Natural Science Foundation of the State Fund ' Research on remote sensing inversion of soil moisture process at watershed scale in arid area; project of Xinjiang Corps Science and Technology Branch project 'Key technology integration and application of typical crop disaster and farmland information remote sensing monitoring in arid area', participating in the National 863 Program project 'based on MODIS and AMSR_ E data research on soil moisture co-inversion and assimilation technology ', Xinjiang Corps Science and Technology Branch project' Xinjiang Cultural Tourism Information Service system based on intelligent mobile technology 'and other projects. Has won the second prize of scientific and technological progress in Xinjiang Autonomous Region, one third prize, won two national invention patents. Published more than 20 related papers.

Educational experience

2005.09-2009.06 Peking University, Remote Sensing Institute, Ph. PhD in photogrammetry and remote sensing, mentor: Professor Chen Xiuwan.

2002.07-2005.07, Xinjiang Institute of Ecology and Geography, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Master's degree in cartography and geographic information systems, Mentor: Chen XI researcher.

1991.09-1995.07 Shihezi University, School of Electrical and Mechanical engineering, bachelor's degree in agricultural mechanization.

Scientific research work experience

2013.03-present research fellow, air-gas systems, Digital Earth Laboratory, Remote Sensing Earth Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences

2009.07-2013.03 Assistant, academic secretary, Digital Earth Laboratory, Chinese Academy of Sciences

1995.08-2002.06, director of the Science and Technology Committee of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps

Research interests: Agricultural remote sensing, ecological remote sensing

Job title, Position: Assistant researcher

Undertaking scientific research projects

1 National Natural Science Foundation of China Project: Remote sensing inversion Study of soil moisture process at watershed scale in arid area, (40871028), 2009-2011, project funding: 430,000 Yuan, project leader;

2 National Science and Technology support plan: The key technology of regional spatial information comprehensive application in Xinjiang Corps demonstration (major special) to preside over the 'Ecological Environment Spatial Information Service System R & amp; d' topic (2007BAH12B05), 2007-2010, funding 1.3 million yuan, as the leader of the thematic group;

3 Xinjiang Corps Branch Project 'Key technology integration and application of typical crop disasters and farmland information remote sensing monitoring in arid areas', (2014AB001), 2014-2016, project funding 300,000 Yuan, project leader;

4 Xinjiang Autonomous Region Science and Technology Assistance Program Project: Based on remote sensing and intelligent Mobile terminal cotton pest monitoring and active service Technology Integration Information System, (201591105), 2014-2016, project funding of 300,000 yuan, outside the district project leader;

5 Natural Science Fund of Xinjiang Autonomous Region: Quantitative remote sensing inversion of soil moisture on the north slope of Tianshan Mountain, (200821185), 2009-2010, project funding 80,000 Yuan, project leader;

6 China Normal University Geographic Information Key Laboratory Fund project 'Research on key technologies for measuring soil moisture in arid areas by ground-penetrating radar' project leader, funding 30,000 yuan.

7 National Science and Technology support plan: Xinjiang cultural Heritage Digitization and Tourism integrated Information Service Technology integration Demonstration Project, to undertake the topic 'Tourism Electronic map key technology research and development', (2012BAH48F03), thematic funding of 100,000 yuan;

8 participated in the Xinjiang Corps Branch Project 'Cultural Tourism Information Service system based on Intelligent Mobile Technology Corps'. (Project No.: 2014AB031, project funding of 400,000 yuan, the unit allocated funds of 200,000 yuan. )

9 participation in the Natural Science Foundation on the fund 'crop component nitrogen field imaging spectral detection mechanism and ascending scale modeling' (2011-2013) (Project No.: 41071228, project funding 400,000 yuan, the unit funds 40,000 yuan. )

10 Hebei Academy of Sciences 'Hebei Province typical agricultural disaster monitoring and loss assessment Technology' project, funded 60,000 yuan.

11 participation in national 863 plans: study on collaborative inversion and assimilation techniques of soil moisture based on MODIS and AMSR_E data (2008-2010, Topic No.: 2008AA12Z112). Mainly involved in project declaration preparation, model construction, parameter inversion and so on.

Representative works: Published more than 20 major papers, including SCI included 2, EI included 5 articles.


1 Yin Xiaojun, Zhang Qing, Zhaoqing exhibition, Wang, Ningkuang. Spectral inversion of nitrogen content in tomato leaves processed by early blight based on SVM J. Journal of Agricultural Machinery, 2014,09

2 Yin Xiaojun, Zhang Qing, Zhaoqing exhibition, Wang, Ningkuang. Inversion of nitrogen content in bacterial speckle disease of processed tomato based on SVM J. Remote sensing Technology and applications, 2015.06

3 Qing Zhang and Kefa Zhou, Research of soil moisture retrieval at arid region on the moistureshed scale, Proc. SPIE 8029, 80291D (2011); Doi:10.1117/12.881474 (EI)

4 Qing Zhang, Kefa Zhou, Wei Gao, 'Soil Moisture Spatial heterogeneity and his Remote Sensing Scale Analysis in Arid', Proc. SPIE 8156, 81560V (2011); Doi:10.1117/12.898519 (EI)

5 Kefa Zhou, Qing Zhang, Nanning Zhang and Haibo Zhang, Research on the method of extracting alteration and me Tallogenic prediction based on Multi-information, Proc. SPIE 8156, 81560V (2011); Doi:10.1117/12.898520 (EI)

6 Zhang Qing, Zhou Cofa, Zhaoqing exhibition and other regional soil moisture remote sensing inversion method research. Xinjiang geology. 2008,26 (1): 107-116

7 Zhang Qing, Zhou Cofa, Chen Xiuwan, Yin Xiaojun. Integrated design of cotton precision planting technology system in Xinjiang. Study of arid areas. 2008,25 (2): 201-206

8 Zhang Qing,Chen Xiuwan, Gao Wei, Zhang Xianfeng, Zhou Kefa,Wang Xinli. (A). Spatial distribution and temporal variation of ecological capital and their relation to climate, and the CHA Nges of land and land cover in the northern slope of the Tianshan Mountain, China. The International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE), San Diego, CA, United International, Aug 28-29 2007. (EI)

9 Zhang Q.,Chen XW.,Zhang X. Zhou K.,Chen X.,and Zhao H. (2006). Ecological capital Assessment and analyses of dynamic changes in arid. IEEE International Conference on Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS), Dever, Colorado,july 31-August 4,2006,pp .679–682. (EI)

10 Chen Xi, Zhang Qing, Zhou Cofa, etc. quantitative assessment of remote sensing of ecological assets in arid areas and analysis of its dynamic changes. Scientific Bulletin, 2006, 51 (Ⅰ): 168-174. (SCI)

11 weeks can be, Zhang Qing, Chen Xi and so on. Characteristics and trends of ecological environment change in arid areas of Central Asia. China Science D Series Earth Science 2006,36 (Supplement 2): 133-139. (SCI)


1 Invention Patents two items

2 Quantitative prediction method of ore collection area based on geographical element Group, patent registration number 200910113561.1., second responsible person

3 method of vegetation response delay based on remote sensing, patent registration number ZL200910113562.6, fourth responsible person

Measurement method and device of spatial distribution status of 51 kinds of vegetation, patent number: ZL201210339810.0

61 Kinds of disease detector and its detection method, patent number: ZL200810055874.1

Awards & amp; honors

1 in 2007, the second prize of scientific and technological progress in Xinjiang autonomous Region, 'Xinjiang Ecological Assets Remote Sensing quantitative assessment operation system', ranked fifth;

2 in 2007, the third prize of scientific and technological progress in Xinjiang Autonomous Region, 'research on key technology development and application of mining area identification based on remote sensing and GIS', ranked seventh.

3.2012, received the five-year advanced individual of the Centre for observation of the Academy of Sciences.

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