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 Ting Niu

Ting Niu

Zhongshao Li,Ting Niu.Land Resources Information Acquisition Based on Remote Sensing Images.[J]Scientific Journal of Environment Pollution and Protection,2013,4(2)59-63 (ISSN:2168-5908)通讯作者

Zhongshao Li,Ting Niu.Xinjiang Karamay regional ecological water consumption research.[C].Xia Men,2013 2nd International Conference on Frontier of Energy and Environment Engineering,2013,EI检索)通讯作者

Xia Li,Ting Niu.Measurement of Remote Sensing in Desert Plants Recovery.[C]. Proceedings of the XXI International Grassland Congress and the VIII International Rangeland Congress(volumeⅠ),2008,687

Donghua Chen,Ting Niu.Land Resources Information Acquisition Based on Multi-temporal TM Images.[C].Ji Lin.2nd International Conference on Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development 2012,566-671

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