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Lu Longhui

Lu Longhui

Longhui Lu: Research assistant, working in Aerospace Information Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ph.D. The main research interests cover Monitoring and early warning of grass pests using remote sensing data; Land use changes; Forest Transition; Production-Living-Ecological Spaces. The major Skills and expertise used contain ERDAS & ENVI image analysis systems, ESRI ArcGIS analysis software, SPSS statistical analysis software, Fragstats landscape ecology analysis software.


PhD. College of Land Science and Technology, China Agricultural University, China Land resources management (2017-2021)

MSc. College of Resources and Environment, Xinjiang University, China

Physical geograpgy (2014-2017)

BSc. Tourism Management, Beijing International Studies University, China

Financial management (2007-2011)


2019.07-2019.10 Visiting scientist, Land and Water, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, Australia


  • Longhui Lu, Weiping Kong, Eerdengqimuge, Huichun Ye, Zhongxiang Sun, Ning Wang, Bobo Du, Yantao Zhou, Weijun, Wenjiang Huang. Detecting Key Factors of Grasshopper Occurrence in Typical Steppe and Meadow Steppe by Integrating Machine Learning Model and Remote Sensing Data. Insects, 2022, 13(10): 894.

  • Longhui Lu, Zhongxiang Sun, Eerdeng Qimuge, Huichun Ye, Wenjiang Huang, Chaojia Nie, Kun Wang, Yantao Zhou. Using remote sensing data and species–environmental matching model to predict the potential distribution of grassland rodents in the northern China. Remote Sensing, 2022, 14(9): 2168.

  • Longhui Lu, Raymundo Marcos-Martinez, Yueqing Xu, An Huang, Yaming Duan, Zhengxin Ji, Ling Huang. The spatiotemporal patterns and pathways of forest transition in China[J]. Land Degradation & Development, 2021, 32(18):5378-5392.

  • Longhui Lu, An Huang, Yueqing Xu, Raymundo Marcos-Martinez, Yaming Duan, Zhengxin Ji. The influences of livelihood and land use on the variation of forest transition in a typical mountainous area of China[J]. Sustainability, 2020, 12(22): 9359.

Longhui Lu, Yueqing Xu, An Huang, Chao Liu, Raymundo Marcos-Martinez, Ling Huang. Influences of Topographic Factors on the Outcomes of Forest Programs and Policies in a Mountain Region of China: A Case Study[J]. Mountain Research and Development, 2020, 40(1).

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